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May 25th, 2011

Giveaway Winner Update

Carissa won our Belle Baby Carrier last month, and she’s had plenty of chances to try it out with her little ones. It looks like the baby carrier is a hit! Here’s what she had to say:

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This picture is from my brother's graduation. I needed to haul both my kids into the building and then hike back to the car, but there was nowhere to store a stroller once I was in the building, so my baby carrier was perfect.

Where to begin…I LOVE this baby carrier!

My bruised legs are a thing of the past! The Belle Baby Carrier is about a million steps up from baby’s car seat and better than any other baby carrier I’ve used.

I have owned a baby wrap in the past, but it took a really long time to get my baby in and out. Her weight wasn’t distributed evenly which gave me a lot of back pain, so I never used it.  This baby carrier is completely different! Every piece that touches your body and your baby is very well padded and soft. It has mesh fabric to keep you and baby cool and the criss-cross straps relieve pressure on your back and shoulders. It reminds me a lot of how my baby’s weight is distributed when I’m pregnant, especially when she is facing me.

She has fallen asleep several times in this carrier and the extra attachment for head support is great for keeping her comfortable. It’s awesome for a sick, whiney baby and I think it would be a lifesaver for a mom with a colicky, fussy newborn.

It’s really easy to put on after the first time of adjusting the straps; I’m down to about 20 seconds. And the most important part, my little girl loves the Belle Baby Carrier! Whenever she sees me put in on she squeals! She loves having a bird’s eye view of the world and kicks her legs and laughs almost the whole time–so I think it must be pretty comfortable for her!

It frees up my hands to chase around my toddler and I don’t have to worry about my baby tipping when I bend over or lean to the side; she is completely secure.  My toddler loves that she gets to walk instead of ride in the stroller.

Some of my favorite places to take the Belle Baby Carrier are the park, church, and short trips to the store.  It’s great for those stores that have narrow aisles. Next time I fly I will definitely use my carrier instead of dealing with the stroller hassle. It’s perfect for me because I have two kids and need an extra hand, but I think moms of one will still put some serious miles on it because it’s so convenient and comfy.

I honestly can’t say enough good things about it.  Out of all the baby gadgets; jumpers, walkers, strollers, high chairs, swings, this is probably my very favorite.  In my baby’s mind, it’s probably second only to her binky!

Thanks again!


May 12th, 2011

Don’t Take Our Word For It

… Instead, see what our customers have to say. Brooke won a Petunia Pickle Bottom baby carrier, and she is happy to tell us all about how things are going for her and her baby so far.

Tour in Yoshino baby carrier from Around My Baby

Tour in Yoshino Baby Carrier from Around My Baby

A couple of months ago I won the Tour in Yoshino carrier by Petunia Pickle Bottom! I never win anything-I couldn’t believe it! I was so excited to see if I would love the carrier as much as I love my PPB diaper bag. Well, all I can say is, I am hooked! When I first got the carrier I thought…YAY, a cute carrier for my new baby girl. Little did I know, there were WAY more things I would love about this carrier than just it’s looks! I have had other carriers & brands, that have collected dust because they were either uncomfortable to me or my baby, or more importantly..too much of a hassle!

With 3 little ones, getting anything done is a huge task. But honestly-I can tell you I have used this carrier while doing dishes, cooking dinner, doing laundry…even game night with friends! =D It kinda cracks me up because I think my baby thinks I’m just holding her all day, making a VERY happy baby!

We also took the carrier to Disneyland & Sea World! Not only did we get comment after comment about how cute it was, It was SO nice not having to hold her during all of the shows! It was so easy to get on and off and get baby in and out! Oh and it is SO soft so it never gave my baby a rash on her face like others I have tried!

I truly can’t say enough good things about this carrier. I LOVE it and would recommend it to ANYONE! I can’t wait to pass it on to my friends when they have baby girls-or baby boys if they don’t care about the pink!)

Thanks again Around My Baby! You have saved me in more occasions than I can count! =)


May 9th, 2011

Baby Wrap Basics

Pink Peapod Organic Cuddly Wrap

Pink Peapod Organic Cuddly Wrap

If you’re more of a car seat kind of mom, you might be hesitant to trade it in for a baby wrap. As comfortable and convenient as they might seem, there is a certain security that comes with the hard frame of a car seat.

But when you’re outside the car, baby wraps give your baby the safety and security they need while you carry them around. The soft material helps babies feel like she’s being wrapped in a blanket—not carried in a box—and the warmth from your body and beating of your heart helps her feel the security she enjoyed in the womb.

When used correctly, baby wraps are a great choice for parents who are tired of bruising their shins on heavy car seats. It can be tricky at first to learn how to use a baby wrap, but here are a few basic tips from one of our great suppliers, PEAPOD Creations, to help you get started.

1. Check for a little nose and mouth. Besides being completely adorable, keeping your baby’s nose and mouth in sight ensures they can breathe and are being held in the baby wrap properly. If you can see at least the lower half of the baby’s face you ensure nothing is blocking their air supply.

2. Stay in kissing distance. Make sure you can kiss the top of your baby’s head while he is comfortably wrapped. This ensures your baby isn’t riding too low in the wrap.

3. Chin up. Check to make sure your little guy’s chin and chest aren’t touching. If they are, it could make it difficult for him to breathe.

4. Check for the logo. Especially if you’re using a PEAPOD Creations wrap, make sure the logo portion is pulled up high enough to ensure your baby is secure.

5. Take care of baby first, then the wrap. When you’re done using the baby wrap, take the baby out of it first. Once your baby is taken care of, take off the wrap. Untying the wrap before your baby is securely elsewhere can cause injury.

For full instructions from PEAPOD Creations, visit this page.

April 8th, 2011

Benefits of Using Baby Carriers

If you’re looking for the Belle Baby Carrier giveaway, click here.

Baby Carriers
Baby carriers are great for both Mom and baby.

When you’re getting ready to welcome a little one into your home, there’s no end to the things you could buy. Your baby will need a car seat, a stroller, a crib, clothes, and toys, not to mention a (seemingly) never-ending supply diapers, formula and fresh onesies. So why would you add a baby carrier to the list?

As important as all of those things are for your baby, baby carriers have unique benefits you can’t get from other products for both Mom and baby. Here are just a few:

Physical contact. When your baby is a newborn, he’s trying to adjust to life outside the womb. Having him with you in a carrier allows your baby to hear the beat of your heart and feel warmth from your body, just like he is accustomed to feeling.

Free hands. When you have a new baby, all you’re going to want to do is snuggle. But baby or not, you need to get things done at least once in a while. With a baby carrier, you can hold your baby close while still doing the dishes, folding laundry or working on the computer. This will help you feel more accomplished and give you more patience as you see to your baby’s needs.

Prevented crying. Babies cry in order to communicate a need, but holding your baby in a baby carrier will help you anticipate your child’s needs before she cries. You may be able to feel her stomach growl or feel her relax as she gets tired. Knowing these things ahead of time can help you see to her needs before she becomes so uncomfortable she starts to cry.

Social development. As babies grow older, they begin to develop social skills. They become more aware of people around them and learn to speak. Holding your baby facing forward in a baby carrier can help stimulate this growth. Instead of sitting in an isolated car seat, your baby will be able to see out and look around while you walk around the park, do your grocery shopping or visit neighbors. This can help them better observe social interactions and develop their own skills more quickly.