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May 9th, 2011

Baby Wrap Basics

Pink Peapod Organic Cuddly Wrap

Pink Peapod Organic Cuddly Wrap

If you’re more of a car seat kind of mom, you might be hesitant to trade it in for a baby wrap. As comfortable and convenient as they might seem, there is a certain security that comes with the hard frame of a car seat.

But when you’re outside the car, baby wraps give your baby the safety and security they need while you carry them around. The soft material helps babies feel like she’s being wrapped in a blanket—not carried in a box—and the warmth from your body and beating of your heart helps her feel the security she enjoyed in the womb.

When used correctly, baby wraps are a great choice for parents who are tired of bruising their shins on heavy car seats. It can be tricky at first to learn how to use a baby wrap, but here are a few basic tips from one of our great suppliers, PEAPOD Creations, to help you get started.

1. Check for a little nose and mouth. Besides being completely adorable, keeping your baby’s nose and mouth in sight ensures they can breathe and are being held in the baby wrap properly. If you can see at least the lower half of the baby’s face you ensure nothing is blocking their air supply.

2. Stay in kissing distance. Make sure you can kiss the top of your baby’s head while he is comfortably wrapped. This ensures your baby isn’t riding too low in the wrap.

3. Chin up. Check to make sure your little guy’s chin and chest aren’t touching. If they are, it could make it difficult for him to breathe.

4. Check for the logo. Especially if you’re using a PEAPOD Creations wrap, make sure the logo portion is pulled up high enough to ensure your baby is secure.

5. Take care of baby first, then the wrap. When you’re done using the baby wrap, take the baby out of it first. Once your baby is taken care of, take off the wrap. Untying the wrap before your baby is securely elsewhere can cause injury.

For full instructions from PEAPOD Creations, visit this page.