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May 12th, 2011

Don’t Take Our Word For It

… Instead, see what our customers have to say. Brooke won a Petunia Pickle Bottom baby carrier, and she is happy to tell us all about how things are going for her and her baby so far.

Tour in Yoshino baby carrier from Around My Baby

Tour in Yoshino Baby Carrier from Around My Baby

A couple of months ago I won the Tour in Yoshino carrier by Petunia Pickle Bottom! I never win anything-I couldn’t believe it! I was so excited to see if I would love the carrier as much as I love my PPB diaper bag. Well, all I can say is, I am hooked! When I first got the carrier I thought…YAY, a cute carrier for my new baby girl. Little did I know, there were WAY more things I would love about this carrier than just it’s looks! I have had other carriers & brands, that have collected dust because they were either uncomfortable to me or my baby, or more importantly..too much of a hassle!

With 3 little ones, getting anything done is a huge task. But honestly-I can tell you I have used this carrier while doing dishes, cooking dinner, doing laundry…even game night with friends! =D It kinda cracks me up because I think my baby thinks I’m just holding her all day, making a VERY happy baby!

We also took the carrier to Disneyland & Sea World! Not only did we get comment after comment about how cute it was, It was SO nice not having to hold her during all of the shows! It was so easy to get on and off and get baby in and out! Oh and it is SO soft so it never gave my baby a rash on her face like others I have tried!

I truly can’t say enough good things about this carrier. I LOVE it and would recommend it to ANYONE! I can’t wait to pass it on to my friends when they have baby girls-or baby boys if they don’t care about the pink!)

Thanks again Around My Baby! You have saved me in more occasions than I can count! =)