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September 9th, 2011

Direct Contact Carriers

Direct contact carriers give the baby the same feeling as being in the womb. This gives them the comfort of mom’s warmth, heartbeat and closeness that they’re use to. But it also gives them the security of viewing the rest of the world by still being close to mom, dad or even a grandparent.

Maybe your asking yourself, “Why is being close to me important? And how is it any different then just holding the baby?” Well the obvious answer would be because the carrier will give you free hands to do what you need to. And if you have other children that need your attention at the same time, those free hands come in handy.

Your baby is so familiar with being close to you after spending 9 months listening to your heartbeat, feeling your warmth around them like a cozy blanket and going everywhere with you its a big change for them to be in the world outside your womb. But that doesn’t mean the comforts they are use to have to go away so abruptly. With a direct contact carrier there is no material between you and your baby. They are right up next to you and still have a soft fabric on the other side of them.

The organic carrier features organic cotton and hemp blended fabrics with white contrast stitching. The inside liner is a 100% Organic cotton and hemp blended undyed, ultra-soft fleece in a natural off-white color.

The classic belle baby carrier is made from strong upholstery grade black microsuede fabric, accented with a breathable mesh panel. The inside liner is a soft polyester fabric.

So why else would you want to use the direct contact carrier by Belle Baby? It’s simple. Really that’s why its simple, easy to use by yourself. The three strap system can be learned in a matter of seconds with no fuss on getting it right. You have a waist belt that is padded for your comfort and supports the weight on your hips instead of making your shoulders do all the work. It is secured around your waist with a simple buckle that is pulled tight. Then you have the two crossover straps that hold your baby in a natural ergonomic position that supports the developing spine. This are simple crossed over the baby one at a time and buckled into nylon buckles that are the same materials found on high-end mountaineering backpacks.

With the head support the is detachable you can give you newborn babies head the support needed while they are developing the muscles needed to hold it on their own. Once strong enough to hold their own head, you can detach the head support and turn them around for a whole new world to see! They will love this.

PhD Not Necessary
Anne W. said, “I just wanted to share my thanks for such a wonderful product. I have tried two other baby carriers and were so frustrated with all of the fabric (baby sling) and misc snaps, buckles, and zippers. I felt like I needed a PhD in baby wearing to put the product on and situate the baby correctly. Within three minutes of opening the belle box I was carrying my 7 week old around the house. I love the simplicity!! And the fabric is lovely. It is so snuggly my little one rubs his cheek against the inner lining and goes right to sleep. What a great product!
Live & Learn – The Belle is Best
Andrea M. said, “I got my Belle Carrier and am SO glad I purchased it. Oh my gosh, it’s incredible! This is my third carrier and was a little nervous spending MORE money on ANOTHER carrier…but I’m glad I did. It is SO comfortable, it’s almost hard to believe. Compared to theĀ carrier I’ve been using, it’s hard to believe they are even the same concept, it is such a MAJOR difference in comfort. I also have a largerĀ carrier which I do like but that is more for hikes and longer excursions due to its bulk and the fact that the baby can’t face out. My daughter is almost 8 months so she really likes to see the world…and we have gone on numerous errands, water the garden daily, and she “helps” me with laundry and vacuuming. She loves it. Every time she sees me strap it around my waist she gets noticeably excited or calms down if she’s fussing.

I’ll be honest with you – if there was a place that I could have tried ALL carriers on I would have only purchased this one. Live and learn! Thanks for a great product – it makes me want to get another one! LOL!”


You can see that there are many wonderful benefits from using any kind of carrier but with the direct contact carrier you are close to your baby while still being able to do all the things you need to. Your baby will love the bundled feeling and you’ll enjoy using your carrier for a newborn and older for where ever you may go.