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September 27th, 2011

Sojourn Sling Petunia Pickle Bottom

Have you heard of Petunia Pickle Bottom? If no, then you will really want to pay close attention.  Petunia Pickle Bottom is mostly known for their chic bags. They offer a variety of style of bags anything from small clutch to a weekender style in designs that you can’t pass up.

But we want to give you a heads up on something else that they offer, sojourn slings. That’s right they have given parents like you a chance to experience their chic designs and custom products in a baby sling.  Sojourn slings by Petunia Pickle Bottom offer every parent a way to cuddle up close to their little newborn and enjoy their every coo.

So why would you get the sojourn sling over some other brand, well, honestly that is something you need to decide for your self. We just want to show you why this sling is a great choice and what you will love about it.

Its an innovative pouch style sling that is going to give parents and child a comfort and versatility  they are looking for. The baby sling is made to fit snug for a secure hold on your baby. Its also made with a curved base seam and tapered shoulders which allows for a more comfortable placement for your baby. And its a lot less bulky. You can use this sling up to 25 pounds but its more likely that you will want to use it for smaller babies and maybe not heavy toddlers. But its your choice and if its still comfortable for you to use the sling up to 25 pounds and your child is still enjoying it. Then Go for it!

Each sling features a reversible print on slightly stretchy 100% organic cotton so you don’t have to worry about any synthetic materials rubbing on your little angels face. No more weird prints that will be out of style in 6 months or that are so plain that you feel bored wearing it. With each chic designs you will be the talk of the neighborhood with the stylish sling.

The Petunia Pickle Bottom sojourn sling is not a one size fits all sling. The sling comes in different sizes so that your sling will fit snugly to your body. When using the sling you may feel the need in keeping one hand on the sling and around your baby. So this will not give you the 100% hands free feeling like other wraps or carriers.

So parents you know a little about the sojourn sling by Petunia Pickle Bottom. Its a sling that is suggested to be used right from birth to help your newborn get use to it. And it might take time for both parties to feel comfortable. But once this happens you will love that  the carrier is quick and easy to put on and use. No dealing with any ties, buckles or a complicated technique for tying it. Simple slip it over your head and your little one can be safely put in and comfortable with one of your hands cradling them for the extra support and security. We suggest that you do keep a hand on your baby at all times for when they decide to stretch or lean forward.  Keep them safe. If the sojourn is for you then have fun picking the pattern that you love and know that your stylish every step of the way.