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November 7th, 2011

CuddleBabe Wearable Blanket

Perfect for Car Seats & Strollers

With the winter months approching every parent is thinking about staying warmer and keeping there little ones warm. The hardest part about keeping the little ones warm that are in car seats or strollers is the bulky blanket that falls off when you are walking around or that gets caught in the stroller wheels. Which makes that soft cuddly blanket dirty and wet if the ground is moist. The cuddlebabe is a great fix for this problem. It’s designed to keep your child warm with the fun designs of fleece material that has a individual spots for arms, legs and even a hat for their heads. It also comes with a button that helps keep the fleece closed if your outside or you can open up the blanket if your baby is getting a little warm.

One of the greatest parts of the CuddleBabe is that the back of it is open for the car seat and stroller restraints so you don’t have to fuss with  extra material around the buckles, but you don’t need to worry about their little backs getting cold because its against the carseat. This helps keep your child safe by following the safetly guidelines of carseats and strollers.

If your looking for a great baby shower gift, the gift sets come with an Blankee made of the same beautiful, high-quality fleece that is 14”x14” size is perfect for little baby hands and easy size doesn’t drag along the floor. This blankee is trimmed and covered on the back with luxurious, coordinating, washable satin that becomes a silky soother for your baby.

Use your CuddleBabe blankets in 2 different stages. Newborn and infants up to 27 inches long or the large size is for infants up to 34 inches long.

CuddleBabe’s can eliminate the snowsuit struggle and allows your baby to move freely, drink a bottle, hold a toy. Check out their fun designs and gift sets!