Cribs, Bassinets, and Co-sleepers, What’s the Difference?

Sleeping arrangements with a newborn can be a tricky task to figure out. You want to make sure you’re getting the rest you need to be an attentive parent during the day but also taking care of your baby’s needs at night when your half asleep. Your little newborn needs rest to grow, develop and help them be a happy baby for you while still getting nourishment the need. So do you keep your baby close in bed with you, do you use a bassinet, co-sleeper or a crib?. You the parent get to choose what works best for you, we just want to  give you some information to help make an educated decision.

There have been studies about parents having their babies sleep in bed with them. Some say it’s not a good idea, others say that its been done for hundreds of years, so which is the right answer? You are the best person to say. There are some things that you want to remember if your baby is sleeping in bed with you:

  • Always put babies under six months to sleep on their backs and not their tummies.
  • Don’t sleep with your baby if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol or any substance that could diminish the awareness of your baby.
  • Don’t sleep with baby on soft surfaces, such as bean bags, water beds, and couches.
  • Avoid crevices between mattress and wall or mattress and side rail.
  • Avoid side rails, head boards, and foot boards that have slats that could entrap baby’s head.
  • Avoid putting your bed nearby curtains or blinds that have dangling strings that could strangle baby.
  • Only one baby in bed at a time, please.

These cautions have been shared from, safe co-sleeping research.

So is co-sleeping and a co-sleeper the same thing? Nope. Co-sleepers can be a bassinet type device that is attached to the side of your bed or it can be placed in your bed but has sides on it to prevent parents from rolling onto it. This allows for the parents to have the space they need to sleep, the baby has their own space to sleep but they are both within arms reach. So when its time for the baby to be feed, it’s an easy reach for mom.

Co-sleepers offer a unique way for both parents to bond with their baby from the time they arrive home from the hospital. Having the baby within arms reach you can offer extra love, comfort and closeness your newborn is use to but still feel safe in knowing your baby isn’t in your bed or protected in your bed.

Now, maybe your thinking that a bassinet and a co-sleeper are the same thing? In a way, they could be, but co-sleepers can attach directly to the bed as mentioned previously , they can be put directly in the bed or they are a stand along but have on side that is a little shorter for convenience. Bassinets can be close to your bed but they are generally a stand along device.

Bassinets are smaller than cribs which helps your baby to feel like they still have a small area to sleep in similar to the feeling of being in the womb.  Bassinets come in many different styles to fit each families needs and wants.

Eventually most babies sleep in a crib after the parents feel it is time. For some its 3 weeks others it could be 9 months or longer. Either way cribs are a comfortable place for your baby to sleep when your both ready for the change. And if your concerned about the extra space within a crib you can also find baby safe inserts to help your little one stay in one place.

As a parent, the most important part is to do what you feel is best for you baby. Be smart about the products you purchase to make sure they are certified for safety, quality, performance and functionality.


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