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November 2nd, 2011

Multiple Savings for Twins & Triples!

Saving on Multiples!

Surprise your having twins, maybe triplets! I’m sure you were a little shocked, or maybe just really excited about the idea of having multi-birth pregnancy. We want to help you out be giving you a discount on purchasing multiple carriers and any style you’d like. If that means you want a certain kind and your partner wants a specific style you can still get both and save! Use the coupon code: 22poms11 for 22% off your order!!!

Multiple Savings on Accessories

Check out the savings when you purchase multiple carriers or baby accessories. If purchasing multiple accessories us the following discount code at checkout: 11poms11. If you want to save on carriers look below for more savings and the coupon code.


August 10th, 2011

New Products: Baby Laundry and More

Baby Laundry and More products from

Every baby needs a sweet, cuddly blanket, but finding one that’s soft enough for baby and durable enough for Mom can be difficult. If you’re on a quest for the perfect baby blanket, look no further than our new products from Baby Laundry and More.

Baby Laundry and More minky blankets are made from the softest of fabrics, and you will love that they stay soft even after multiple washes (a must for any quality baby blanket!). While many products lose their softness as time goes by, you’ll love how soft and snuggly these blankets stay over time. Baby Laundry and More minky blankets come in sizes perfect from the newborn stage on up, with matching blankets in different sizes for you and your baby to snuggle up in as the weather cools down.

Check out the 32 styles available on, which are all adorable and made to last. We have everything from camo prints and blues for boys to brighter colors and animal prints for the pretty little girl in your life.